Custom Wood Garage Door Collection

Although we have duplicated a variety of popular custom wood designs, the customer’s only limitations are imagi­nation and an architect’s drawing table. We can construct any custom wood design imaginable, as long as the finished product can move in a vertical plane.

  • Unlike most other custom wood garage door manufactur­ers, Delden starts with a 1-1/ 4″ styrene-insulated sub­ panel, its interior side primed for painting. Although we also make standard stile-and-rail wood garage door frames, we elect to use this insulated panel for its strength, as well as for its value as an insulator.

  • Custom door sizes are available.

  • We manufacture sections in stain-grade or primed, in accor­dance with finish requirements.

  • Delden utilizes heavy-duty hard­ ware, hinges, rollers and track, along with extra horizontal rein­forcement struts to ensure the durability and continued beauty of its Custom Wood products.

  • Delden has successfully manu­factured its Cust m Wood prod­uct with maintenance-free simulated wood trim, reducing the amount of exterior maintenance required to keep the garage door looking brand new.

  • Delden’s standard wood specie s is Select-grade Tight-Knot Cedar, but any other species is available, and many have become a part of a Delden Custom Wood garage door.

Heavy-duty hardware enhances the door's integrity,
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