Energy Efficient Garage Doors Clayton


When you build your home you spend plenty of money making sure that it’s properly insulated. Insulation is necessary to keep your home more energy efficient. It’s also important to choose a garage door that is adequately insulated. Your garage door is the largest opening on your home and one that should be protected. You will have many options for energy efficient garage doors in Clayton.

Keep Your Home Well Insulated

Your garage door should be insulated to maintain your home’s indoor temperature without having to use excess heat. The large surface of a garage door means that it has a lot of potential to make your home too cold in the winter. Cold air can pass too quickly into the space, making your furnace work overtime to fight it off. A poorly insulated door will cause your utility bills to be too high and wastes energy.

Not only does the door open and close several or more times a day, but it also has to keep out cold air when it’s closed. If your garage is attached to your home, as many are, you will likely notice that the room over the garage is colder than other rooms. This may be due to poor garage door insulation.

Garage Door Insulation

Various materials are utilized to insulate garage doors. Insulation is inside the door, between the outer and inner layers of the unit. Energy efficient garage doors in Clayton are designed with insulation that is of a higher R-rating.

R-ratings are energy ratings that must be provided by garage door manufacturers. They range from R-8, with the lowest efficiency, to R-32, with the highest efficiency. The number rating that you choose should be considered when you buy a garage door. If you’re going to use your garage as a workshop, for example, you will want to choose a door with the highest rating.

Buying a Garage Door

Buying a garage door may seem like a simple task, but it can be complex. It’s important to choose energy efficient garage doors in Clayton to keep your home working as effectively as possible. If you choose a well-insulated door you could save thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of your home.

Although a more efficient door may be more expensive, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll find that your home’s systems run more smoothly and work more effortlessly when the temperature is controlled with good insulation. There are many different garage door choices so it’s best to compare them using many factors, including their efficiency rating.

When you’re choosing a garage door keep in mind that it’s an important purchase. Once your door is installed it’s not something you want to replace. Look to the experienced garage door professionals at Renner Supply Company to assist you in choosing and installing a door that best suits your needs and your price range. We’ll assist you in purchasing the best garage door for your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


Energy Efficient Garage Doors Clayton
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