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As a business owner, you know how important your overhead garage door is to your company. You need to get shipments and load for deliveries from your garage area. If your garage door stops working properly, it could cost you money for lost business. It’s essential to ensure that the overhead door is tested and maintained on a regular basis. For proper servicing, contact a reliable garage company in Florissant.

Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors function in much the same way as your home garage door does. The door is attached to a track system that is operated with a pulley and chain device. In many applications, you may have a safety cut-off switch to stop the door from operating if an emergency situation occurs. There are many parts and pieces that could malfunction or stop working. It’s best to have your door inspected by a garage company in Florissant.

An inspection will ensure that your employees are safe and that the door will continue to function optimally. If a problem is noted with the door, some repairs may be needed. It’s usually best to schedule annual maintenance checks on commercial garage doors. In the meantime, if you notice any irregularities or have any problems with the functioning of the door, it’s best to call for immediate repairs.

Professional Overhead Door Services

Businesses are advised to find a local garage company in Florissant before they need service. Choose a company with expertise working on all types of overhead garage door systems. Look for a company that will be available when you need service. If you have a company ready you’ll be able to contact them quickly should you need service.

A skilled garage door technician has expertise to work on almost every type and model of garage door assemblies. The service employee should carry a broad array of parts and tools that will assist in the immediate repair of your overhead door. Once the technician arrives a fast diagnosis of the problem will occur and you’ll be given an explanation of the problem as well as an estimate for repairs.

New Overhead Doors

If your overhead door can no longer be repaired or if you have new construction, you’ll need to purchase a new door. There are many options available from a qualified garage company in Florissant. A representative will meet with you to provide you with the available overhead door options. In addition to the door, the motor must be installed.

As with any motor, a garage door mechanism needs to be properly maintained. This should be done regularly. If your garage or overhead door isn’t working correctly, contact the experienced family owned business Renner Supply Company. We specialize in garage doors and are a leading garage door installation company in the area. With more than 60 years of service, we offer high quality, dependable garage door repair and installation at reasonable prices. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your garage door maintained or repaired.  

Garage Company Florissant
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