Garage Door Repair Chesterfield

Your garage door is one of the most important mechanisms in your home. When something goes wrong it’s not only an inconvenience but it can also be dangerous. It’s important to get professional help from a company that specializes in garage door repair in Chesterfield. Your garage door requires some regular maintenance in order to remain in good working condition.

Regularly Check Your Garage Door

There are a number of things that you should check on your garage door on a regular basis. These tests can be performed by you or you may prefer to have them completed by a qualified garage door technician. One of the most important checks that you as a homeowner can conduct is a visual inspection. This can be done simply by looking at the mechanisms of the door from the inside with the garage door in a closed position.

Check to see that the hardware is not worn or damaged. View the various springs, pulleys, cables, rollers, and mounting hardware. Make sure that nothing appears to be loose or fraying. In addition to a visual inspection, listen as the door goes up and down. If you notice any squeaking or other unusual noises it signals a need for follow-up with a specialist in garage door repair in Chesterfield.

Garage Door Balance Test

Your garage door should be properly balanced. To perform a balance test first disconnect the system by disengaging the automatic garage door opener. Then, lift the door by hand, allowing it to go all the way up. The door should remain in the highest position on its own and should not fall back down. If it does, it needs to be balanced by a qualified technician.

It’s best to perform these tests on a regular basis, preferably monthly. When you’re preparing to test the equipment make sure that you inform others in the household so that there are no safety concerns. Don’t perform any of the tests unless the door passes your visual inspection. If you are uncertain about the safety of the equipment you should immediately call for garage door repair in Chesterfield.

Monthly Safety Tests

Your garage door is likely equipped with some safety features. These need to be tested to make sure that they are still working. All garage doors manufactured in 1993 and later must have an auto-reverse system and a photo eye system if the door has an automatic opener. Test the reverse system with the door up by placing a 2 x 4 board under the location of where the door normally goes down to the ground. Then, use the close button to close the garage door. The door should immediately reverse when it touches the wood.

The other important test is the automatic eye test. Your garage door has a photo eye sensor that utilizes a beam of light. If the beam of light is broken the door should reverse and reopen. Test this feature by waving something such as a broom handle through the beam of light. You should also clean the photo eyes occasionally because they can become dirty or covered in debris which causes them to malfunction.

If you have tested your garage door and find any problems, call the experienced professional garage technicians at Renner Supply Company to diagnose and repair your door.


Garage Door Repair Chesterfield
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