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Are you searching for a garage door repair specialist in Olathe? Call on a technician from Renner Supply Company at the first sign your garage door opening system is not functioning properly. Ignoring a problem with your garage door will most likely result in a bigger, more expensive problem down the road.
A broken garage door spring is one of the most common reasons why homeowners call Renner Supply. If you have a broken garage door spring, it’s essential that you don’t try to raise or lower your garage door, regardless of whether your vehicle is trapped inside or outside of your home. If you’re uncertain as to whether your door spring is broken, look for one or more of the following signs for an accurate diagnosis:
- If your garage door spring is broken, you can sometimes visibly see the problem, depending on which model of door opening system you own. If you notice that the garage door cables appear to be broken, it’s a sure indication that you have a broken spring. This is not a fail-proof test however, since several models encase their springs inside of tubes.
- If you press the remote control and your garage door raises several inches but won’t raise any further, you most likely have a broken spring. Most garage door opening systems employ a sensor that keeps a door with a broken spring from opening any further than a few inches to avoid any further damage to the system.
- The breakage of a garage door spring is loud, so very often, someone inside of the house or garage will hear a loud bang when the spring breaks, which is actually the spring unwinding.
- If you notice a gap in your spring that is a couple of inches wide, it’s a good indication that the spring has broken. For most models, this is the most positive ID.
- Are you experiencing a ‘jerky’ motion when you attempt to open or close your garage door? If this is the case, you may own a two-spring opening system that has a single broken spring.
- If your garage door was opened at the time when the spring broke, you may notice your garage door ‘falls’ rather than closes properly. Without a functioning spring to control the close, you’ll experience a quickly falling garage door that can often sustain more damage if you continue to use it without replacing the spring.
Whether you’re having problems opening and closing your garage door, or have noticed that the door is off of its tracks, it’s important to have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Often enough, a simple problem that is repaired promptly can eliminate any further damage to the door or to the opening system.
For reliable garage door repair in the Olathe area, trust the company locals call with their garage door issues. Renner Supply Company is just a phone call away at 816-413-1650 with techs who will be more than happy to come out and have a look at what’s going on. Garage Door Repair Olathe
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