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Your garage is part of your home and is probably even attached to it. If you have a garage door it’s important to know how to properly maintain it. Garage doors in St. Louis need to be adequately maintained to keep them functioning properly and to ensure safety. If you notice any problems with your door it’s best to have it checked by a professional garage door company.


Testing Your Garage Door


The first test that you should perform is a visual inspection. This should be done at least on a monthly basis. However, if you hear a strange noise or notice any other problems, the first thing to do is inspect the workings of your door.


To check the door, stand inside with the door in the closed position. Then, press the button to open the door. Observe all the working parts such as springs and cables. The door should open smoothly without any hesitation. A squeaking noise may indicate that the door or opener needs attention.


Safety Tests


Garage door safety is of utmost concern. If the safety features on garage doors in St. Louis malfunction it could cause serious harm or death to a family member. All doors installed after 1993 operating with an electric motor are required to be equipped with a second safety reversing feature that automatically reverses the door if it comes into contact with an object before it is fully down. Test this feature on a regular basis.


To perform the test, place an object such as a wooden board on the ground underneath the open garage door. Allow the door to close. It should stop upon touching the object and start going back up. Another test that you should do is check the laser beam. This beam of invisible light ensures that nothing is in the way of the door operation. Wave something to break the beam while the door is in operation. It should stop and reverse.


Unsafe Garage Doors


If your garage door fails the tests when you check it, it’s imperative that you call for service on garage doors in St. Louise immediately. Do not allow the door to operate until the problem is resolved because it is a safety hazard. Call a reputable service company to correct the situation and repair the door.


A reliable garage door service company knows how to maintain and repair all types and models of garage door openers. The technician will diagnose the problem and determine the best way to repair it. In some cases, replacement of the door or opener is necessary. If so, you will be provided with an estimate and you’ll be able to choose between some features that will establish the costs.


If you are in need of maintenance or repairs on your garage door, count on the excellent services of Renner Supply Company. We have been providing high quality garage doors and openers for more than 60 years. Make a call to our dependable family-owned company today to schedule a service call.

Garage Doors St Louis
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