Meet Our Kansas City Team

Kansas City Garage Door Team
Kansas City Garage Door Team

2018 Team Picture

Brad Dodson
Brad DodsonDirector of Marketing

After spending the majority of his adult life working in Kansas City's warehouse, Brad entered marketing in 2012.

RandyKansas City - Custom Department Foreman

Randy started with Renner Supply in 2001.  Randy is an artisan craftsman, as you can tell by looking at our amazing custom wood carriage, garage and overhead doors.

BenKansas City - Installation

Ben started with Renner in 1986.  Taken during his door building days, he didn’t want to break stride while working… so we took his picture in the middle of a build!

LeonKansas City - Service Technician

Leon started with Renner Supply in 1995

BryanKansas City - Service Technician

Bryan started with Renner Supply in 1994

ClintKansas City - Head of Commercial Sales

Clint started with the Springfield, MO Delden Garage Door branch in the fall of 1997.  2 years later he and his wife moved up to Kansas City, and Clint transferred to Renner Supply, and Clint began installing doors for Renner in December of 1999. After 2 years in residential installation Clint jumped over to Commercial Installations until July of 2004, at which time he was promoted to head of Commercial Sales & Installations.

William (Willy) Dahms
William (Willy) DahmsDirector of Operations

Began part time in 2003 in our Springfield location working in the warehouse, then became a residential installer. After moving back to Kansas City as a commercial installer in 2005, he then entered residential sales. Willy assumed the director of operations position in 2018. 

BradKansas City - Residential Sales

Returned to Renner Supply in 2001 with previous service and sales experience.

PaulKansas City - Residential Sales

Came to Renner Supply in 1996 with garage door experience

ClancyKansas City - Residential Sales

Clancy started with Renner Supply in 1960 as a residential salesman moving into the wholesale sales team. Clancy has been an integral part of the operation from the beginning, and has experience in just about every aspect of the Renner Supply and Delden Manufacturing operation.  Clancy has ALWAYS been the core of our Sales staff in both Wholesale and Retail.

Steve Kansas City - Residential Sales

Steve started in 2003, responsible for scheduling garage door installations and repairs within the Kansas City service area. In 2018, Steve entered residential sales.

Denise C. Dahms
Denise C. DahmsPresident

Denise started part time in 1974 and became full time in 1980. From 1980 to the present time, she’s had various jobs… on the road salesman, inside sales, office manager, General Manager/Vice President and today is the President of Renner Supply and Delden Mfg.

Gene Renner
Gene RennerFounder - Deceased

Gene Renner started the business with his father in 1956 as R & R Garage Door.  The “Ruskin Heights Tornado” of 1957 created the need for a comprehensive residential and construction supplier of hardware and garage doors. The company name was changed to Renner Supply in 1957. Gene passes away May 7, 2016 at the age of 88 but fondly remains the “core of the company."

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