Overhead Garage Doors St Peters

Your company’s overhead garage door is one of the hardest working mechanisms in your business. You count on your overhead garage door to work properly so you can accept deliveries and make shipments. The door also keeps your business safe and secure and helps to maintain the correct indoor temperature. If you have a problem with your overhead garage doors in St. Peters you’ll need to call a reputable garage door company for repairs.

Maintaining Your Overhead Door

The overhead garage door opens and closes a number of times a day. After many days of working it may need some servicing. Overhead doors in St. Peters need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. You should inspect the garage door mechanism on a monthly basis.

A visual inspection is the first and most important thing that you can do. With the door closed, stand inside the garage area and operate the door to the open position. The door should move smoothly and quietly to a complete stop. There should be very little if any wobble to the door as it rises. The only noise should be the sound of the motor running. If you hear squeaks, bangs, or clanks, it may mean that the door is off balance.

Garage Door Repairs

Some repairs are expected if your garage door stops working. Certainly, some repairs are more difficult than others. If the door becomes unbalanced it can create a problem. The door can be repositioned to fix the situation. One of the common problems with overhead doors in St. Peters is the spring. The spring may need to be readjusted to make the door perform as it should.

There are many parts to a garage door. Any of these could fail or become damaged. This is particularly true if the door is old. The chain and pulley system must be tight for optimal performance. If any of the parts of the mechanism loosen they may cause the door to shift or may keep the door from functioning at all.

New Garage Doors

If your garage door is old or bent it could be beyond repair. Old garage doors may not be adequately insulated. Newer garage doors must supply energy efficiency ratings that indicate how well the insulation performs. Check out the insulation R-value to compare between different overhead doors in St. Peters.

If you require a new overhead door you’ll be able to choose between many options. There are styles and designs to fit any specific needs you may have. For example, some overhead doors need to have windows, while others should be solid. The type that you choose depends on your needs. Custom doors are also available. A qualified installation technician will measure your space to find the size door that is necessary. There are various types of operators that you can choose from. If the door has heavy use you’ll want to make sure that the opener is equipped to handle it.

Contact Renner Supply Company for your overhead or garage door needs. We have been providing high quality installation, maintenance and repair service for more than 60 years.



Overhead Garage Doors St Peters
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